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This is the time of year when we display our Nativity sets, and it’s common to see depictions on the front of Christmas cards that have Mary and Joseph in a stable with the baby Jesus who is lying in a feeding trough commonly referred to as a manger.

The word Nativity comes from the Latin term, which simply means born. Technically, we’ve all experienced a nativity, but in today’s world the term is primarily used in connection with the birth of Jesus Christ the Redeemer. We also hear the word incarnation at this time of year, and within the Christian faith this is referring to the Son of God and how He miraculously came down from heaven and took on the human form of a man for the purpose of saving us from our sin. He is Emmanuel which means “God with us” as His mission was to rescue and restore us and because of His sacrifice we can now have an eternal relationship with Him.

There are several interesting details about the earthly parents of Jesus and of course His mother, Mary, becoming pregnant with Him while still being a virgin is a great place to begin.

Our heavenly Father sent His Son Jesus to Earth, but as we know, He also had an earthly dad by the name of Joseph. There is not much information given about Joseph except that he was a carpenter and an honest man who upheld the law. He was present when Jesus was found teaching in the temple at 12 years old, but it’s presumed he had passed away when Christ was crucified as Jesus asked John from the cross to take care of His mother. History reveals it was common in those days for an older man to be engaged to a younger woman, and many scholars are convinced that Mary was much younger than Joseph, probably being in her early teens.

Being betrothed, means the couple were to be celibate until they were married, but when Joseph discovered she was pregnant, he did not want to publicly disgrace her but rather decided to just privately cancel the marriage. We can only imagine the agony and disappointment he was feeling as he realized she had been unfaithful. We know that Mary is adored and rightfully so, but we must consider this was also a huge step of faith for Joseph and he is seldom given the respect he deserves.

We’ve all seen images of Mary riding a donkey into Bethlehem, but imagine a young girl being approached by the Creator of Heaven and Earth, and given a mission that would shape the course of human history. Agreeing to give birth to the Savior of the world? So, why did God choose her for the task of raising the King of kings? Because He knew she would hold strong in her faith. And what about those today who still declare they have no room for Jesus or the individuals who only celebrate the most significant event of all time at the Christmas season?

He is patiently waiting. Never before or since have the heavens declared the glory of God with more hope and excitement than when the Son of God was born and willingly gave His life as a ransom for all who would believe in Him.

Billy Holland writes a weekly column for HD Media. Visit billyhollandministries.com.

Billy Holland writes a weekly column for HD Media. Visit billyhollandministries.com.