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Michael Carr is a good friend, and we are members of a gospel quartet. As a dedicated Christian, he’s had some amazing spiritual experiences, and I want to share one of these true accounts with you.

It was around 6 a.m. on a rainy morning in September 1999 when the fire station where Mike was serving received an emergency call about a serious accident on a country road. A young couple was driving into town where they both worked, when a drunk driver that was heading home after partying all night crossed into their lane and hit them head-on.

Mike and his crew were the first to reach the scene. The driver who had hit the couple had died instantly. They began to work feverishly to help the couple. The wife was behind the steering wheel and was very pregnant. The front end of their car had been crushed toward them, and the steering wheel was squeezing her to where she could hardly breathe.

Mike ran to get the jaws of life and began trying to cut the steering wheel to pull her free. Her husband was unconscious, and Mike heard his partner say that he had a ruptured aorta.

The wife had been screaming the entire time through the chaos and the roaring sound of cutting metal. Mike looked at the other paramedic and saw him shake his head as the husband now had no pulse.

Suddenly, Mike said he clearly heard the voice of God within his conscience. The Lord told him to tell the wife that everything was going to be fine with her, the baby and her husband. This went against what he was seeing, but he stopped the machine, took her by the hand and calmly said, “God told me that everything is going to be alright with all three of you.”

As the rain continued to fall, an indescribable peace came over her, and as she stared at him through her tears, she simply said thank you. He went back to work and freed her. In a flash, they were in the ambulance and gone. Mike said he would have never said that on his own because he thought they were all going to die, but he knew the Lord wanted him to reassure her.

Three months later on Christmas Eve, Mike was on his shift at the station, and this family walked in holding a beautiful little baby. God had miraculously healed each of them, and everything was alright just like God had promised. Mike got on his knees, and they all gave thanks to God and said they would never forget this miracle from heaven.

Yes, God still speaks and gives miracles! The sea of darkness and hopelessness wants to drown all of us, but the Almighty is saying for us to reach out to Him as Peter did when he began to sink.

For those who have never committed their lives to God, He is inviting you today to call upon Him and to ask Him to come into your life and save you. Christ died on the cross for you and rose from the dead to spiritually redeem and rescue all who would believe in Him.

“Seek the Lord while he may be found, call upon him while he is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and God will have mercy on him; for He will abundantly pardon” Isaiah 55:6-7.

If you do not believe or expect a miracle, how will you ever receive one?

Billy Holland writes a weekly column for HD Media. Visit billyhollandministries.com.

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