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HD Media is running submitted questionnaires from candidates in the 2020 elections.

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We are working with all candidates in contested races to get their questionnaires included on our website. (If a candidate has no opposition in the primary election, then they will receive a questionnaire after the primary ends.)

If a candidate is having trouble sending in a questionnaire, please click on an existing profile in your race. Send the same information, your numbered answers and your photo in an email to You will receive a confirmation email back within two business days.

NAME: Richard N. Ojeda II


PARTY: Democrat


BIOGRAPHY: I am a Retired US Army Major with a BA from WV State University. I also hold a MA from Webster University. I'm a Graduate of the US Army Command General Staff College and a Former WV State Senator. I'm Married to Kelly Ojeda and we have two children that are both attending college in Charleston.

Questions from the West Virginia League of Women Voters:

1. What suggestions do you have for improving bipartisanship and cooperation in Congress?

Both parties need to find common ground. I will push legislation that both parties want to deal with such as infrastructure. By doing so, we can unite our country around an issue rather than a political party. By doing this, we can create a bipartisan caucus that can allow friendships with one another, creating more opportunities to get things done.

2. What new measures would you support to help middle class families deal with the rising costs of health care, housing, and higher education?

For starters I support Medicare for all and free public college tuition. If other countries can provide these capabilities to their citizens than surely the greatest nation of earth can do so as well. I will sit down with experts and find ways for middle class families to be able to afford quality housing.

3. What should be the role of Congress in addressing the challenges of climate change?

Climate Change exists! We must educate people about it and ways in which we can become better stewards of the environment. Coming from an energy state, we must create better job opportunities so that when we cease fossil fuels, our working class citizens can still find employment in roles that allow them to continue taking care of their families.

Additional questions from The Herald-Dispatch:

4. What steps, if any, would you propose to prolong the solvency of the Social Security and Medicaid trust funds?

I would raise the cap on social security! By doing so we guarantee that Social security will be here for our children. I am also not against removing the cap all together. I support the protection of Medicaid trust funds to guarantee quality care is secured and not diminished.

5. The national debt keeps rising. Do you think that’s acceptable, and if not, what action should be taken to bring it down?

I do not think the national debt should be allowed to continue climbing. Checks and balances must be initiated and before major bail outs take place there must be rules and regulations on how that money will be used and how it will be returned.

6. Do you think term limits should be placed on those serving in Congress?

I support term limits. I do not think anyone should use politics for a lifetime role to retire from. I support two US Senate terms (12 yrs) and six Congressional terms (12 years). I also believe that every role in police should have term limits and a significant amount of time before any legislator can become a lobbyist!

7. How would you improve the state’s access to broadband internet?

I would protect net neutrality and would push for the funding to bring the entire state up to scale with every other state that has been successful in providing all citizens the ability to have high speed internet access. This is also needed to ensure our children are in an even playing field.