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NAME: Sabrina Grace

CANDIDATE FOR: Mingo County Board of Education

PARTY: Non-partisan race

HOME CITY: Williamson


AGE: 42

EDUCATION: Matewan High School 1996; Marshall University, B.A. 2000; Marshall University, M.S. 2004.

CURRENT OFFICE OR OCCUPATION: Mingo County Board of Education President.

OTHER WORK HISTORY: Speech Language Pathologist.

ENDORSEMENTS: Mingo County Education Association (MCEA), AFT-MINGO.

FAMILY: My husband, Keith Grace, and I have been blessed with 2 wonderful children, Isabella and Braden Grace.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: It has been an honor to represent the students and employees of Mingo County Schools. I made a promise in my first campaign to “Be A Voice” and I have done that since day one. I will always put them first. I will never hesitate to do so, nor will I ever apologize for doing so. Our students and employees continually make me proud and I will always strive to make them proud. Let’s do this, Mingo County! #Grace2020

1.What should your role be as a member of the Board of Education?

The #1 role as a board member is to be a voice and to stand up for our students and employees. If we do what is right for our students, we are doing what is right for our employees. I have shown for 3 ½ years that I will stand up for and fight alongside our students and employees.

2. How would you address the dropout issue?

We currently have an Option Pathways teacher working with students at both high schools. This program provides at risk students a way to complete high school on time with their peers. Our high schools have also been acknowledged at our Capitol for our high graduation rates. I will always look for ways to make that rate even higher.

3. How would you encourage more parental involvement?

Being a PTO officer for twelve years taught me the importance of being involved. I continuously encourage parents/grandparents/guardians to volunteer to help. To me, the biggest thing, as a school system, we must do is to make sure they feel welcome to come into our schools. When they feel welcome and appreciated, most will help when they can.

4. How would you increase the rigor of the curriculum to benefit students?

The standards taught in the classroom are set at a state level and we, at the local level, must ensure our teachers implement them in their classrooms. We must provide our teachers with sufficient support and materials to teach those standards in a way that challenges and encourages our students to complete work at the highest level possible.

5. What would you do to improve student achievement?

Increasing student achievement comes by teaching our students to be responsible for their work, including their successes and failures. For our students who are struggling, we must continue to provide differentiated instruction, Title 1 services, and special education services when warranted. Our students must experience success at all levels, and they must feel valued during the process.

6. What do you think schools should be doing about drug prevention?

Having an officer in each of our high schools has helped with the drug issue in our schools, but it hasn't stopped it. Having the STOP Coalition coming into our high schools and engaging our students would be great. We also need programs that deal with vaping because it is a HUGE issue with our high school students.

7. Do you think schools should do more to prepare students to succeed in community college and apprenticeships, etc.?

By implementing the WV College and Career Readiness standards in our schools, our students are finding success. Our high schools offer phenomenal courses for students wanting higher level classes. Our CTE program is second to none in WV and allows students to complete courses they will either need to further their education or be career ready upon graduation with certifications.

8. How do you feel about the daily start times for county high school?

Every day I wake 2 teenagers up for school, I have an issue with the high school start times. I like later start times for high schoolers, but with sharing buses with PK-8 schools that would mean our youngest students getting on the bus so early. Some of our smallest students would be waiting on the bus in the dark.