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Emergency personnel responded to a call of a car over the riverbank on Ky. 292 on Thursday morning near Turkey Creek. No one was in the vehicle and it appeared the accident happened the night before.

It's a step that we don't want to take, but financial realities make it a necessity.

Starting in July, the Williamson Daily News will be published one day a week - on Wednesdays - rather than the three-day-a-week schedule that was instituted last September.

Belfry area inspections

n McDonalds, Goody 93%

n Belfry Middle School, Belfry 95%

n Goody Double Kwik, South Williamson *92% *Critical item #28; evidence of mice in back storage room, mice droppings found under shelving and against wall.

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OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER: Elmer Teburn Whitt, 43, of McCarr, Ky. was arrested and charged with obstructing an officer and fleeing on foot June 20 by the Williamson Police Department. Lt. James Spence had observed the suspect walking down Harvey Street and he matched the description of a male who had allegedly broken into a house earlier in the day. When the officer approached the defendant, he pushed him and fled the scene. Whitt was later arrested in an alley between Second and Third Avenues.

HD Media

LOGAN - The Aracoma Story Inc. will present, in conjunction with the Hatfield and McCoy Convention and Visitors Bureau, "Deadly Divide-The Hatfield and McCoy's Story" starting on July 11.


Thursday marked the 156th year that this wonderful place we call home became the state of West Virginia - the only state born during the great Civil War; it being created mostly by the wishes of northerners from what is now our mountain state, but was then, of course, Virginia.

Mark 4:45 finds Jesus and his disciples traveling by boat when a severe storm hits and its waves cause the vessel to begin to take on water. For fear of death, the disciples panic and wake Christ, who was sleeping, saying don't you care if we drown! Jesus gets up and rebukes and calms the storm and then asks his disciples "Why are you still afraid? Do you still have faith?"