LOGAN - A sign that was recently added to the storefront of Peebles in downtown Logan has raised some eyebrows.

The sign reads "Store Closing Sale." However, while the Peebles store may be closing, another store is set to emerge in its place.

HUNTINGTON - Marshall wide receiver Stone Scarcelle knows that his parents gave him one heck of a name to live up to.

At the time of his birth, Mike and Cricket Scarcelle likely didn't know the impact the name may have, but as their son gets into his third year at Marshall, he is proving that the name befits his mindset.


Somewhere, I saw a small sign that read something like, "A Cluttered Desk is a Sign of Genius."

Trust me, when I say that I am a far cry from anywhere near being a genius, but I certainly have a cluttered desk, even though I promise it's not nearly as bad as Logan Chief Circuit Judge Eric O'Briant or court reporter Larry Coffindaffer's offices. With that remark, I must also concede that their ultra-cluttering must make those two fellows more like geniuses than myself.

For decades, Big Pharma has raised drug prices with impunity. Here in West Virginia, the average annual cost of brand name prescription drug treatment increased 58 percent between 2012 and 2017, while the annual income for West Virginians increased only 2.9 percent.