Williamson Daily News- RSS OPINION Feed http://williamsondailynews.com/section/OPINION http://williamsondailynews.com/section/OPINION Mon, 24 Nov 2014 19:48:23 EST 1800 The poor suffer from hunger — not the munchies http://williamsondailynews.com/news/opinion/150609287/The-poor-suffer-from-hunger--not-the-munchies Thanksgiving is an occasion when we gather with our families for festive meals. It's also a time when many of us donate to help the less fortunate celebrate with their families. Fri, 21 Nov 2014 01:34:05 EST Thanksgiving memories; an endangered species http://williamsondailynews.com/news/lifestyle-religion-opinion_columns/150608957/Thanksgiving-memories;-an-endangered-species Psalms 100Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing. Thu, 20 Nov 2014 08:54:03 EST Get covered through the Affordable Care Act http://williamsondailynews.com/news/opinion/150587208/Get-covered-through-the-Affordable-Care-Act Imagine your child has asthma or severe allergies. One day, your health insurer informs you that they will no longer cover your child under your plan because they have a preexisting condition. Wed, 19 Nov 2014 02:45:06 EST What makes a strong lobbyist http://williamsondailynews.com/news/opinion/150526163/What-makes-a-strong-lobbyist Because of its power to influence public affairs, the press has long been known as “the Fourth Estate.” But I think the media may have been displaced. These days, it's lobbyists who seem to carry the most clout in... Tue, 18 Nov 2014 05:29:09 EST Legislators on education http://williamsondailynews.com/news/opinion/150526292/Legislators-on-education When you are trying to improve, it often helps to study the best.In public education, that road leads to China's largest and richest city, Shanghai. Tue, 18 Nov 2014 05:28:06 EST When we follow Christ, we are like the Pilgrims http://williamsondailynews.com/news/lifestyle-lifestyle-religion-opinion_columns/150529596/When-we-follow-Christ-we-are-like-the-Pilgrims In our preschool class at church, we typically study lessons about being thankful at Thanksgiving. It's a no-brainer. The week before the holiday, we are sure to do the story of the ten lepers. We talk about how dreadful leprosy was and wrap our... Sun, 16 Nov 2014 12:32:01 EST God can bring people into your life http://williamsondailynews.com/news/lifestyle-opinion_columns/150458174/God-can-bring-people-into-your-life One of many good reasons to be involved in a church is because of the people. It's uncanny how God can bring people into your life that feel like the puzzle piece you didn't realize you had been missing. Sun, 9 Nov 2014 09:12:04 EST Please get out an vote; despite apathy http://williamsondailynews.com/news/editorial-opinion_columns/150373252/Please-get-out-an-vote;-despite-apathy It is understandable that there is some voter apathy in Mingo County and in southern West Virginia. Sun, 2 Nov 2014 09:03:08 EST Newspaper media takes center stage during the Holiday Shopping season http://williamsondailynews.com/news/opinion/150347625/Newspaper-media-takes-center-stage-during-the-Holiday-Shopping-season There is only one question on the minds of retailers and advertisers for the next two months – what is the best way to reach consumers?The answer this year, as it has for many years prior, is newspaper media. Thu, 30 Oct 2014 02:54:03 EST Woolly worms and signs of another cold winter ahead http://williamsondailynews.com/news/opinion-opinion_columns/150246210/Woolly-worms-and-signs-of-another-cold-winter-ahead It's that time of year again where everyone is talking about the coming winter months.Last year was a tough winter as we experienced frigid temperatures and several measurable snowfalls. Tue, 21 Oct 2014 20:54:04 EST It’s never too early to plan for your future http://williamsondailynews.com/news/opinion/150224404/Its-never-too-early-to-plan-for-your-future A college degree opens the door to opportunity for so many students and helps West Virginians land high-paying jobs. Job training programs and vocational degrees also boost up job applicants and give them the skills and competitive edge they need when... Tue, 21 Oct 2014 01:38:07 EST I knew a Man; Strength for the Moment http://williamsondailynews.com/news/lifestyle-religion-opinion_columns/150190466/I-knew-a-Man;-Strength-for-the-Moment Sometimes in our lives, if we are lucky, we come across people that change our lives for the good. We meet people who prefer you over themselves. We meet people whose word is their bond and you know from just looking in their eyes that you could trust... Thu, 16 Oct 2014 08:57:04 EST Fond memories of fall and dad http://williamsondailynews.com/news/opinion-opinion_columns/150160444/Fond-memories-of-fall-and-dad As I was walking my dog Petey this past weekend and noticing a few leaves that had already fallen due to our early fall weather, it reminded me of my dad and our walks in the woods. Tue, 14 Oct 2014 11:46:04 EST God doesn’t make junk http://williamsondailynews.com/news/lifestyle-religion-opinion_columns/150110034/God-doesnt-make-junk I had absolutely no interest whatsoever in going to a yard sale, and I didn't hesitate for a second in telling my daughter Joy, “I've got enough junk of my own without going to a yard sale to BUY someone else's junk!” To... Thu, 9 Oct 2014 10:24:09 EST The race is on; Gregory’s Web http://williamsondailynews.com/news/opinion/150060508/The-race-is-on;-Gregorys-Web By Ron Gregoryronjgregory@gmail.comThe race is on. Honestly. Well … maybe it isn't ALL honest since it IS politics.. Tue, 7 Oct 2014 05:01:05 EST God is still good, Can we learn to praise Him in the storms? http://williamsondailynews.com/news/lifestyle-opinion_columns/150028460/God-is-still-good-Can-we-learn-to-praise-Him-in-the-storms Poor Leah. All she wanted in the world was Jacob's love. But he only loved her sister, Rachel. (That's a tough place to be!) Her father had tricked Jacob during the wedding ceremony, substituting the older daughter for the younger... Sun, 5 Oct 2014 10:01:08 EST November’s elections won’t resolve much of anything http://williamsondailynews.com/news/opinion-opinion_columns/150017730/Novembers-elections-wont-resolve-much-of-anything By Lee H. HamiltonMembers of Congress are home now, campaigning for the upcoming elections. Their messages are all over the map, and for a good reason: they have very little to brag about. Wed, 1 Oct 2014 15:49:06 EST