Movies need happy endings

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Dawn Reed
Dawn Reed
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I have ONE rule about movies and my family knows it quite well. I have to have a happy ending. I don’t care if the main characters have to turn into cartoons, go back in time, or be transported to another planet, I need a happy ending.

I have been frustrated with Nicholas Sparks for over a decade because of his emotionally draining works. I have never seen “Titanic” though it is often portrayed as a “love story”. When being encouraged to watch it over the years, I always asked, “Does the boat sink?” Since it always does, I’ve never watched the movie.

Last week, my beloved rented the new Star Trek movie. (I’ve been watching Star Trek since I was a kid.) At first, I was surprised by his choice, picturing Patrick Stewart at the helm of the Starship Enterprise. Then, suddenly I realized Chris Pine was the new Kirk! Awesome! He’s my favorite Captain!

We ate supper quickly and popped popcorn. As the movie began we recalled many characters from the past.

As usual, the crew of the Enterprise had soared to unknown worlds facing horrible danger and beastly bad guys. As the movie neared the end, the Enterprise was being attacked and was close to total break up. To save the crew and ship, Captain Kirk left Spock in charge and bravely went into an enormous radioactive area to put something really important back on track. Scotty had warned him that it was too dangerous for him to try. Kirk never listens. It was tense going, but I was so proud. He saved everyone-well almost everyone. I knew he could do it. I love when everything ends well.

They showed Spock at the helm and everyone being relieved that the attack was over. One of the crew rushed on to the bridge and yelled that Spock was needed immediately in the engine room. Spock looked convincingly concerned.

Suddenly, and very unexpectedly, Captain Kirk is shown by the glass door to the radioactive room. He is shaking and in terrible pain. Everyone in the engine room-and me on the couch-look stricken. The Captain had faced at least a million threats and villains, had boldly gone where no one had gone before and come out just fine. It was his way. He always broke the rules and somehow ended up putting all the puzzle pieces together at the end before the world or Enterprise blew up. I’ve been through this since I was a kid! He’s almost died a thousand times!

And then…right before my eyes…Captain Kirk drew his last breath! I was stunned as if it were family! My eyes were big. I was horrified! How on earth! How in the world had this happened?! I was in disbelief! Captain Kirk could not die! He was the main character! But he did! I saw him do it! His head drooped to the side like everybody on television that passes away. I could not believe this! Everything had revolved around Captain Kirk. This COULD NOT be the end! You can’t have a sequel if the Captain is dead! My stomach started to hurt.

And then I got mad! My son had already seen this movie and hadn’t even t told me! How could he have kept this from his very own mother? I had been betrayed by flesh and blood! I complained to him, shaking my finger.

“How could this have happened?” I asked again, this time out loud. He shrugged.

I sat still stunned as the movie drug on. You could see the pain on Scotty, McCoy, Ohura and even Spock’s face. I knew how they felt!

Life without Captain Kirk?! Are you kidding me?! He’d been with the crew for what seemed like forever. He was the wheel that turned the whole Enterprise, the hub that kept the crew together and moving forward. He was their leader. Without him, what would they be or do? (I got a little worked up. Did I mention that I’ve been a Trekkie since I was a kid?)

A little bit later, they took some blood cells from a bad guy in the movie that miraculously made Captain Kirk come back to life. Whew! I hadn’t seen that coming but the crew and I were sooo GLAD!

When I went to bed, the near loss of Captain Kirk was still on my mind. And it came to me…That was exactly how the friends and followers of Jesus must have felt when He was crucified!

Their leader who had led them in ways and places they’d never been before was gone! He was their Rock! He gave them food-both physical and spiritual. He gave them comfort and hope. Then suddenly, right before their eyes, He was brutally murdered. He also sacrificed Himself to save others.

The days without Him must have been so difficult. Confusion, anger and fear would only begin to describe the tip of their emotional iceberg. All hope seemed lost. And then unexpectedly, He was alive again! Without any blood cells from anybody…there He was! How relieved-and confused-they must have been!

Forty days later, some of Jesus’ closest friends saw Him go up into heaven to stay. Wow! Can you imagine?! Captain Kirk is cool, but he can’t do that!

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