Artist plans first album

By Hayley M. Cook

July 28, 2014

By Hayley M. Cook


WILLIAMSON – Isom, Kentucky, native Taylyn Combs is the newest artist signed by Lyrick Promotions, LTD, a promotion firm that originated in Williamson and now has offices in both Nashville, Tennessee, and New York.

Combs said she fell in love with music at an early age, but it took a while for her to share her passion with the rest of the world.

“I always listened to Disney princesses and sang their music,” said Combs, who turns 23 next month. “I grew up listening to Bruce Springsteen and Martina McBride in the car with my mom. I never did perform in front of anyone until age 14, though. I was just afraid to sing in front of people.”

Combs said she didn’t have a problem acting or playing sports in front of a crowd, but something about singing for an audience unnerved her, until she was invited to sing the national anthem at a high school basketball game.

“They asked me to sing the national anthem, and I really wasn’t sure about doing it at first,” said Combs, recalling the first time she performed in front a large group. “I just remember it was my mom’s birthday and she said, ‘Please Taylyn, sing for me on my birthday.’ So, of course, I sang for her.”

Combs said she was so overwhelmed by her nervousness she forgot to remove her hat during the performance, but was quickly reminded by her teacher when she left the court.

“That was so funny, me forgetting to remove my hat,” Combs said, laughing. “I was just so nervous about it.”

The performance was successful and gave Combs the confidence she needed to move forward and continue pursuing music passionately and vigorously. She has already released an EP featuring six songs titled “Sweet Kentucky Thunder” and says the title track has been a huge success for her.

“Those are all original songs that I’ve written with people in Nashville,” Combs said of her recording debut. “We even filmed a video for it on Pine Mountain in Whitesburg, and I believe that video has over 15,000 views so far since last November.”

The video, which features Combs in a UK shirt at times and holding her Gibson guitar, also gave the singer a chance to show off her acting chops. She plays a leading role in the video, which she says was fun to film and participate in.

“Yeah, it was fun. The thing is, I wanted to keep it family friendly and simple … as pure as I could. I wanted to do what was right, to make the video enjoyable for kids and older people as well. That’s my heart, and I could never do anything I don’t feel is right. The video turned out really pretty. It’s just simple and pure, exactly how I wanted it to be.”

Combs said her biggest supporters are her parents, who have done everything possible to help her succeed.

“My mom is my biggest supporter, she goes to every performance she can and sells my CDs for me. My daddy does too, of course, but my mom is a talker like me so she takes care of selling my CDs.”

Combs says the future is bright for her, and she has plenty of goals in her musical career to look forward to.

“I’m working on a gospel CD right now and it is set to release in January of next year,” she said. “I’m also in a bluegrass band called Sunrise Ridge. I love gospel and bluegrass music and, hopefully, we’re gonna do shows with (Grammy-nominated bluegrass vocalist) Rhonda Vincent in the future. That would be my dream.”

Combs added, “I love the Lord and I love to sing. One of my favorite gifts the Lord has given me is allowing me to sing for people.”

Taylyn Combs’ EP can be purchased on Amazon, ITunes or by emailing her mother at taylynmom1@yahoo.com.

Lyrick Promotions, LTD, and ICON Imagery will be featuring a modeling show on Aug. 30 at the Williamson Fire Department at 6 p.m. For more information, contact Don York at 615-717-5136.