Nearly 20 arrests reported in Mingo County

By Hayley M. Cook

July 2, 2014

By Hayley M. Cook


WILLIAMSON - According to criminal complaints obtained from Mingo County Magistrate Court, 17 defendants recently were arraigned after being arrested on a variety of criminal charges.

Jerry J. Hackney, 31, of Belfry, Ky., was arrested after three officers received a call reporting that he was breaking into vehicles in Dandy’s parking lot in Williamson and taking items from the vehicles.

Upon the arrival of the officers, it was discovered that Hackney had in his possession more than $225 worth of items not belonging to him, according to their report. The defendant also had six and a half peach-colored pills, later determined to be a generic form of Xanax, and 13 Suboxone in his possession, police said. The owner of Dandy’s told officers that Hackney had been kicked out of the bar earlier for fighting inside.

While being processed, the defendant demanded a phone call and reportedly said that taking pop should be a tickets crime and “the police were just corrupt and more officers would be dead in Mingo County.”

Burgess Ray Dalton, 42, of Red Jacket, was placed under arrest after allegedly assaulting EMS personnel who had been dispatched to his residence. Dalton had called for help after experiencing nausea and vomiting. When one of the victims instructed the defendant to leave behind a bottle of water, the defendant reportedly began shouting and shoved the victim against the side of the truck. The defendant then allegedly jumped out of the rear of the truck, shoved another victim and struck a third victim.

Christopher Don Savage, 31, of Chattaroy, was placed under arrest after allegedly appearing in Magistrate Court for a hearing on a pending charge while intoxicated. The defendant had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and told an officer he smoked a joint before appearing in court that day, according to the officers’s report.

James Gregory Bailey, 32, of Delbarton, was placed under arrest for domestic assault and domestic battery. The defendant reportedly became verbally abusive toward his girlfriend before slapping her across the face and punching her in the shoulder. The victim allegedly pleaded with the defendant that her children were present and asked to take the argument inside the home.

The defendant took a baseball bat and began to strike the victim in the upper torso and upper leg area numerous times, according to the police report. The victim was able to escape and call for help, and the officer called observed bruising and redness on the victim which required no medical attention, the officer said.

Jay James Fields, 32, of Gilbert, was placed under arrest for nighttime burglary and petit larceny. The defendant allegedly was caught in the victim’s mobile home with a circular saw valued at $50 and a power drill valued at $35 that belonged to the victim.

The defendant then reportedly jumped into a hole located in the mobile home due to construction, dropped the stolen items and ran into the woods. Upon further investigation, officers said they discovered the defendant had kicked in the door.

Roger Dale Muncy, 68, and Elijah Lewis Hall, 41, both of Williamson, were arrested after being caught allegedly stealing a large piece of culvert from Millers Creek Mountain. Police initiated an emergency traffic stop after seeing the defendants driving a Dodge Ram pulling a trailer. The trailer allegedly carried the culvert, which was hanging off and dragging on the roadway causing a shower of sparks to form that was potentially harmful to other motorists.

Marvin Lee Vance, 37, was arrested for wanton endangerment and domestic assault. The victim said the defendant threatened to kill her, then shot at her with a handgun.

Kenneth Wayne Curry, 42, of Delbarton, was placed under arrest after officers stopped him during road patrol on W.Va. Highway 65. Curry allegedly was found to be heavily intoxicated, with slurred speech, glassy, bloodshot eyes and difficulty maintaining his balance. Curry reportedly failed a sobriety test, and it was discovered that he had two prior convictions for driving on a revoked license.

Christopher Lee Mounts, 23, of Williamson, was arrested after allegedly violating an emergency protective order issued on June 12. The defendant reportedly showed up at his wife’s residence and demanded to see their three juvenile children. Although he was asked to leave several times, Mounts continued to knock on the door of the residence, according to the police report. The victim told officers that the defendant had been to her residence several times before.

Vicky Lynn Estepp, 26, of Kermit, was placed under arrest after reportedly being pulled over for expired registration when officers allegedly discovered they had received several complaints about Estepp for shoplifting from numerous local businesses. Found in the defendant’s backseat were bags filled with items reported stolen, including $53.94 worth of pool cleaner and Gain laundry detergent valued at $399.58.

Tonya Mills, 31, of Freeburn, Ky., was arrested after unlawfully and intentionally making physical contact with her aunt by hitting the victim in the face, head and arms with her fists, leaving several marks and bruises, the officers said. The defendant also kicked the victim in the side, leaving a large bruise, police said.

Joe M. Hatfield, 75, of Ransom, Ky., was placed under arrest after allegedly refusing to leave a residence even though officers had advised him to do so. While police attempted to cuff the defendant, he allegedly began trying to wrestle away from the officer. The defendant later took his handcuffs and reportedly scratched the side of the officer’s police cruiser with them.

Betty Wolford, 53, of Williamson, was arrested for allowing Joe M. Hatfield back on her property after she was instructed not to do so by law enforcement and, therefore, obstructing an officer.

Justin Antino Patterson, 28, of Williamson, was arrested for hiding cocaine prior to a search by officers, and for allegedly having with him $1,920 in U.S. currency obtained from selling cocaine or other illegal narcotics.

Melissa Cantrell, 39, of Delbarton, was arrested for possessing a pit bull that killed chickens belonging to the defendant’s neighbor. The victim told police the pit bull had chased him and his brother. Also, the dog got loose the following day and allegedly killed the victim’s cat. The victim said he does not feel safe to go outside due to the dog chasing him and his brother.

Jonathan Clyde Christian, 25, of Gilbert, was arrested for possession of a controlled substance.