Teaching the newbies about Jesus

By Kyle Lovern

June 8, 2014

We got a new shipment of two-year-olds into our preschool class on Wednesday. I was a little scared-more than they were. We have had our little ones in a great routine for some time now. They know where to go to, how we do things, when to listen, when to dance and all that stuff. It’s been the best time ever!

We weren’t sure how the newbies would do, but we were up for the challenge. We start the first few minutes with Playdough. Sometimes we get littles who are a few minutes late and we don’t want them to miss a thing. After Playdough, we do story and snack.

As the kiddies eat, I tell the Bible story. It’s easier that way. I talk while they chew.

We review the lesson from the week before and then forge ahead. Jesus had just walked to Emmaus with two guys and had disappeared at their supper table. (They loved that story.) This week we were studying about when Jesus appeared to the disciples in a room with a locked door. They were in hiding, afraid the bad guys would come after them next! Then, suddenly, Jesus appeared right there in the middle of them! And they first thought He was a ghost! As I told that part, I was being my usual dramatic self. When I said, “They thought He was a ghost!” immediately I was afraid I’d said it with too much gusto, and was concerned they would have bad dreams. What if they called out ‘ghost’ in the night?!

They were chewing and listening intently…I quickly said, “Jesus said, ‘No, boys! I’m NOT a ghost! Look at me! Look at my hands! Touch me and see!’” I was standing by the bookshelf and had an idea. I grabbed a red marker and drew circles in my hands and showed them. “Jesus died on the….” I continued, waiting for them to answer. “Cross!” everyone yelled. “And what did they put in His Hands?” “Nails!” they cheered.

“That’s why Jesus wanted His friends to see His Hands,” I told them. Then I showed them the coolest picture in a children’s Bible. The disciples were high-fiving each other! They were so excited that it was really Jesus and He was alive! I tried to give all of our kiddies a high-five but they were a little afraid of the red mark in my hand.

When we did our story sheet of Jesus and His disciples, I thought we should use markers. The other teacher asked if I was sure. “Kids love markers!” I reminded her. They’re bigger for their hands and as silly as it may sound, they are so smooth. When we use crayons, they break and then littles are distracted by peeling them. (I had good intentions.)

The other, older kids were on task, coloring Jesus purple, brown or blue. Paisley colored His feet until they were in shreds. The two-year-olds had started well, but then had seen their own fingers and hands. They decided to draw on them, like I had, and then their faces. By the time class was over, they looked like we had gone to a tattoo parlor during church time.

Our newbies loved to dance and do all the things the big kids do. We are going to have the best time! They are starting on a journey learning about Jesus that will be so much fun!