Who is the Holy Spirit; Strength for the Moment

By Kyle Lovern

May 22, 2014

Today is the fifth installment of the seven part series,“ Who is the Holy Spirit.”

Whenever the name Holy Spirit is spoken, minds immediately become fixed on “The Day of Pentecost” we read about in Acts Chapter 2. However, as Christ was in existence before that first Christmas, the Holy Spirit was in existence before that Day of Pentecost when He came in like a rushing mighty wind and sat upon those praying as cloven tongues of fire.

It is important to understand the Day of Pentecost in the Old Testament was celebrated the 50th day after the observance of the Passover. Pentecost is also referred to in the Old Testament as The Feast of Weeks and The Feast of Harvest because after the Passover the Jews would count down seven weeks, or 49 days, and then on the 50th day they would celebrate their new harvest. It was a time of celebration and Grain offerings were made to God. So it was on this important day of offerings being sacrificed up to God that the Holy Spirit came into the upper room and the people began to speak in other tongues as they were baptized in fire.

We see now that the Holy Spirit’s work is to be done in the absence of Christ on this Earth. Per St. John 16 Jesus says He must go away, for if He doesn’t go back to Heaven the Holy Spirit will not come. They Holy Spirit is so important as He applies the saving grace of Christ’s work to we humans as we allow Him by accepting Christ as our Savior.

What a celebration, the Holy Spirit came just as Jesus Christ said He would in St John Chapter 16 and The Book of The Acts Chapter 1. Again, this is not the first mention of the Holy Spirit. We need look no further than Genesis chapter 1 during creation where we read about the Spirit hovering over the waters. We see many instances in the Old Testament when the Holy Spirit would move upon a prophet, person, etc… and they could speak what the Holy Spirit had told them to speak. But with the death, resurrection and Christ’s ascension into Heaven, now the Holy Spirit is free to live in us and help us become more like Christ with His help. I will share the comparison regarding computer programming and humans again.

When a computer program is written and an error is found or an update required, someone has to sit down and write corrections for the program. Defective lines of code is removed and replaced with new lines that cause the program to work better. We only need to look at the many different releases of Microsoft Windows to understand this concept. Technicians are always working behind the scenes to improve the product so it will be more user friendly to the public. Obsolete and flawed programming is constantly being removed and replaced with more user friendly versions.

We are a lot like computers. We work our way through life with emotions, thoughts, hearts and minds that are flawed – with and by sin. We are like a computer program that isn’t working properly and in constant need of an upgrade from the Master Programmer. The problem with our programming is sin. We are infected with it and it is always trying to keep us from working the way the Master Programmer, Christ, would have us to work.

We are all in need of Spiritual and moral reprogramming, which is the job of the Holy Spirit. We will be observing the Day of Pentecost, the Christian Festival celebrating the coming of God’s Holy Spirit coming to this earth, on June 8, 2014. It is commemorated 50 days after Easter (Passover), the day He settled down on the Earth to Christ’s Disciples. The work of The Holy Spirit is often referred to by the Greek Word Paraclete- The Guider and Helper and Comforter to believers in Christ. He came to draw us to and make us more like Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit performs the reprogramming work in us. He is constantly at work on our errors, glitches and programming problems, making us look less like the man Adam and more like Christ. He works on our minds, our will, our emotions and reshapes them to be, again, more like Christ. Like we see the flowers blooming, The Holy Spirit helps us bloom into the creation Christ desires for us to be. This column will be focusing on the identity and work of The Holy Spirit until the Day of Pentecost, describing the various ways the Holy Spirit completes His mission in our lives. In summation, in the Holy Trinity, which will be discussed more next Friday, The Holy Spirit is the Executive Branch. He executes works in us that He hears from the Father. He helps us become more like Christ.

We must remember Scripture teaches us in Romans 10:13 that whosoever will call upon the name of the Lord will be saved. Has life became too tough for you to make it on your own? I have great news. You do not have to. Christ loves you and has nothing but the best for you. Should you want to pray or just need guidance, please do not hesitate to contact me at chrisblevins2@suddenlink.net . I would be happy to share Christ and His loving plan with you.

Come back next Friday as we learn more about this person, The Holy Spirit.