42 Mingo County employees have county-owned vehicles

Rachel Dove rbaldwin@civitasmedia.com

May 11, 2014

By Rachel Dove


WILLIAMSON - Forty-two Mingo County employees drive vehicles that are owned by the county, according to information resulting from one in a series of Freedom of Information Act requests filed by the Daily News.

After being required to file an FOIA request to receive the hourly salaries of all county employees, the paper was again required to file FOIA requests for the names of all employees who are issued a county-owned vehicle to drive, as well the use of a county gas card.

The names of those employees, as well as the department in which they work, are listed below:

  • Mingo County Sheriff’s Department: Sheriff James Smith, Chief Field Deputy Joe Smith, Randy Hatfield, Joey Ferris, Roy Glen Messer, Arthur Farra, James Muncy, Phillip Muncy, Norman Mines, Chris Endicott, Eric Sherrill, Josh Endicott, Larry Thomas, Max Mounts, Mark Lendearo, Erwin Williams, Roger Fitch, Allen Mounts, Steven Messer, Jonathan Endicott, Chris Newsome, Dave Stratton, Ronnie Mounts and C. J. Sammons.
  • Mingo County Medical Examiner (also serves Logan County): Mike Casey
  • Interim Mingo County Emergency Services Director: Doug Goolsby
  • Interim Mingo County 911 Director: Lorene Vance
  • Mingo County 911/County Mapping Employees: Dave Warden, Dave Justice
  • Flood Plain Office: Amanda Starr
  • Mingo County Assessor: Ramona Mahon
  • Mingo County Garage/Maintenance employees: Ronald “Buck” Hatfield, Harold Lawrence Fowler, Jerry Colegrove, Johnny Dillon, Joseph Venturino
  • Home Confinement: Kevin Wilson, Ronnie Sansom
  • Humane Officers: William “Peanut” Queen, Tennis Canterbury
  • Chief Court Marshal: Larry “Yogi” Croaff
  • Litter Control Officer: Lowell Sparks

The cell phone bill for Humane Officer William “Peanut” Queen is, according to the information provided by Mingo County Finance Supervisor Tina Lockard, the only county employee whose cell bill is reimbursed by the commission.

Those who have a county-owned gas card, or who have permission to use one, includes everyone who operates a county vehicle. In addition to those already identified, the following employees are granted use of a gas card:

Assessors Office: Carissa Maynard, Dennis Paige, Joey Curry, Freda Copley, Machelle McCormick and Cindy Canterbury.

Health Department: Brett Vance

The expense of the purchase of county-owned vehicles, insurance, general maintenance and repairs are the sole responsibility of the county commission and are paid for with taxpayer dollars. So is the monthly Fleet Gas Car bill. An exact amount of what these costs totaled in 2013 was not available at presstime.

The Daily News was informed that the FOIA requests that were processed and granted by the commission were reviewed and approved by all three commissioners before being released to the newspaper.