Senior Cheerleaders

By Kyle Lovern

March 4, 2014

The senior cheerleaders from Belfry High School are pictured above. They were honored at a recent Sr. Night. From left to right, Brianna Sullivan, Nicole Preston, Brooke Justice, Shae Dillon, Caitlyn Hunt, Dani Casey and Taylor Curry.

Pictured above is the senior cheerleaders from Tug Valley High School with their parents at a recent Sr. Night. They are Kiersten Marcum, Danielle Gillman, and Elizabeth Dotson. Dotson also played basketball and cheered.

The Mingo Central senior cheerleaders are pictured above with their coaches. They were honored at a recent Sr. Night event. Left to right, Beth Keatley, Head Coach; Jimmy Davis; Whittani Kirk; Makala Caldwell; Paige Tiller; Kim Davis; and Teresa Cline, Assistant Coach.