A look at the life of the Prophet Elijah

By Kyle Lovern

February 28, 2014

Today we will continue to look at the life of the Prophet Elijah. We have been discussing Biblical personalities and how most all of them experienced fear, failure or some other form of setback only to rise above their situation and be used by God in a great manner.

Last week we spoke regarding the Prophet Elijah and how he (through God) performed great miracles. His story was unique because he was overcame by fear after performing miracles such as ceasing rain for several years, performing miracles for a widow and her son during the drought, defeating false prophets of the god Baal and other false gods on Mount Carmel and then as a climax he called rain from heaven and ended the drought.

This is certainly a great resume and one would not expect this great man of God with all of these conquests to be overcame by fear. But that is exactly what happened. During this time Northern Israel was being ruled by King Ahab. The King had married a woman named Jezebel. She was very ungodly and became enraged when King Ahab told her that Elijah had killed her false prophets. She sent word to Elijah that he would be killed the next day and would suffer the same fate as her prophets.

For some reason, after all the miracles Elijah had seen God perform for him, he was struck with fear and ran. Yes, this mighty man of God ran and hid. But God, as only He can, was patient with His Prophet. God had angels feed Elijah. Elijah felt very sorry for himself and slipped into somewhat of a depression finding himself to be no better than his ancestors.

God sends Elijah to a cave. Several events take place such as a strong wind, an earthquake, and a fire. But Elijah cannot find in any of these. But God comes to Elijah with a still small voice. Elijah’s faith and strength return and He goes back and finishes God’s work.

This is an example that even though we may have seen many mighty works of God in our lives, sometimes we may experience fear or other emotions. Remember that it wasn’t in the strong wind, earthquake or fire that he found God’s voice. It was in those still, quiet times that he found strength for the moment. Be sure to cherish those still moments with God.