Family Life

By Kyle Lovern

February 16, 2014

Sometimes when we pray, we KNOW God will answer but we have to wait FOREVER for His timing to be just right. Other times, He’s lickety-split and the words have barely passed your lips when you get your answer.

Has God ever answered a prayer so specifically that you wish you would’ve worded it differently? He’s the funniest thing. He is good-no doubt. But, when He works in the mysterious ways people always talk about, it sometimes makes me laugh out loud.

I have a few examples. Several years ago, I was working at a place with much turmoil. Departments were pitted against each other continuously. I began to pray for the Lord to help everyone work together and appreciate each other. The place caught on fire! There’s nothing like a big old fire to bring people together! Employees from every department were working side by side for the safety and good of all involved! Whew! It was crazy and awesome at the same time! (My former boss there asked me NOT to pray for him.)

When my daughter was middle school age, she was going through a really sassy time. I started praying that the Lord would touch her heart-meaning that she would be kinder and say non-hateful things. Not long afterward, we had to take her to the ER…for chest pains! (Not my fault!)

Last week, I was absolutely thrilled to have a column printed in the Floyd County Times, in Prestonsburg. My beloved and I have lived here for 10 years. During that time, I have submitted various articles, but only a couple have been used. Kyle Lovern contacted the editor there and Voila! He was definitely interested. Timing is everything! I didn’t know when it would start, so I kept it to myself.

After getting a text from someone at church about it on Friday, my heart began to race. I wanted to jump up and down. I immediately started thinking of one thing after another to write about for the WDN and the FCT! “Please don’t let this go to my head!” I prayed. I had to re-focus all the through the day. I saw a copy of the paper at work but wouldn’t look at it. Didn’t want it to go to my head!

A lady from church texted that she LOVED my picture! “Whew!” I thought. I was so glad I had updated my picture recently! The last one had been over 10 years old! (You guys are like family to me! Many of you have known me since I was a kid and may even remember my thick pink glasses from the ‘70”s! But these were new people who DIDN’T know me! I wanted to put my best FACE forward!)

When I got home, my husband had saved me a copy of the Times. (He was totally surprised because I hadn’t told him.) He had it spread out on the counter. My face looked back at me. Holy smokes! It was the old picture! Arrggg! And it was HUGE!

“Awww man!” I moaned. “Did you see the picture?” I asked my beloved. “Did you see the picture?” I repeated.

“After ten years, I would think you’d be more excited about having something printed than being worried about your picture!” he said in disbelief.

“You’d have to be a girl to understand!” I grunted.

God did indeed answer my prayer. It didn’t go to my head at all!