Perfect Harmony String Quartet shares its love of making music

Rachel Dove rbaldwin@civitasmedia

February 9, 2014

By Rachel Dove


GILBERT - The shared love of music from stringed instruments has brought individuals together to become a popular group in Mingo County which is performing at local events, as well as weddings and receptions.

Carmen Bolen had dreamt for years of having a string quartet entertain those attending her wedding. To her dismay, when the time came to plan her special day, she discovered no string quartets existed within the local area. However; because of her dream, “Perfect Harmony String Quartet” was formed.

The group consists of three Mingo Central High School students, Kyle Hatfield (violin), Steven Clark (viola) Bruce Gibson (cello) and Laura Bobbera, orchestra director at the high school (violin).

Perfect Harmony String Quartet actually owes its creation not only to Carmen’s dream, but to her prospective husband, Terry Soltesz, who is the band director at Mingo Central. Terry wanted to fulfill Carmen’s dream for a perfect wedding, and approached Bobbera with a proposal. If she could get a group of students together that could play well enough, he would hire them for the wedding.

Since both he and his bride-to-be, as well as their friends and family who would be attending the wedding knew a lot about music, he would only hire the group if they could pass an audition three months prior to the wedding, which would allow him enough time to locate another quartet should they fail. With seven months to reach the goal, Bobbera selected the students and they began practicing several hours a week before school. Determined to succeed, the group doubled their practice time during the month of January.

During this time, the group decided to perform publicly at church and and the Mingo County Arts Alive, and that is when they decided on the name for their group. The day of the wedding audition finally came, and the group performed many songs for the excited couple, and passed with flying colors. The wedding was a huge success, and the group has now found themselves in demand for numerous events.

If you would like additional information on the Perfect Harmony String Quartet, you may email Bobbera at laura_bobbera@hotmail.com, or by calling 304-664-3071, during evening hours.