Marcum, White file for re-election to House seats

January 28, 2014


CHARLESTON - Dels. Justin J. Marcum and Harry Keith White filed Friday for re-election to the House of Delegates.

“We have an opportunity, by working together, to make Southern West Virginia a better place. It is not about individual agendas but about improving the place we all call home,” Marcum said.

Marcum said he and White have worked in the House of Delegates to improve the 20th and 21st districts.

“We believe in teamwork and dedication to make our respective districts better,” White said. “It is about the future.”

White is majority leader of the House. As majority leader, White can help set the agenda and do many other things that can benefit the people of the coalfields. White also serves on the following committees; Rules, Small Business Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Improvement, Agriculture and Rural Development, Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources Committee. He previously served as the Finance Chairman.

Marcum is a member of the powerful Judiciary Committee. This committee reviews almost every bill that comes through the legislature that could affect or change the law.

Marcum said, “We pull long hours in Judiciary but it also gives me a chance to review or amend legislation before it reaches the entire House for a vote.”

He added that he “always uses his time on the Judiciary Committee to make sure pieces of legislation are favorable to the people of the 20th District.”

Marcum also serves as vice-chair of the Legislative Rule Making Committee, a member of the Roads and Transportation Committee, member of the Energy Committee, and member of the Political Subdivisions Committee. He also served on the Education Committee.

White said he and Marcum have served together for many years and believe in the future of Southern West Virginia.

“We work together and believe in our future,” White said.

The duo has introduced numerous pieces of legislation. Some of those include tax breaks for companies that use West Virginia coal.

“This is a way we can encourage power plants in West Virginia to use West Virginia coal,” White said.

They also introduced legislation that will help Mingo County get back local control of the school system and legislation to help fight the drug epidemic and littering problem in the state. Marcum and White also introduced a bill for a second Judge in Mingo County at the start of the legislative session.

Majority Leader Harry Keith White represents the 21st District and Marcum the 20th.