“I love Jesus with all my heart!”

By Kyle Lovern

January 3, 2014

My sister’s grand-daughter is three years old. Her whole family says she’s very dramatic like her grand-mother-she calls “Gigi”. (They say she’s a Mini-Me of my sister.)

A few weeks ago, Gigi was driving Emma Kate when suddenly she belted from the car seat, “Oh, Gigi! I love Jesus with all my heart! I want to get baptized!” When she said the “Oh, Gigi” part, she had her arms open wide. As she gushed, “I love Jesus with all my heart” she covered her heart in a very dramatic way. (I can picture it all!)

Gigi drove on, excited that Emma Kate loves Jesus. She told her how wonderful it was and that they would have to see about her being baptized.

The whole family has known Emma Kate has been obsessed with being baptized. She gets so excited when she comes from children’s church and catches someone at the church in the baptistery. She wants to see every bit of it and typically yells that she wants to get baptized, too.

The conversation about being baptized continued. My sister was keeping Emma Kate while her mom and dad were out of town, so there was plenty of time.

On Wednesday night, Emma Kate caught a glimpse of one of the pastors at church. She ran to him, yelling, “Pastor Jamie!” and jumped into his arms. “I love Jesus with all my heart! And I want to get baptized!” She did the arms wide open and then hands over her heart again.

Pastor Jamie was totally caught off guard. “Well, that’s great!” he said, still holding her. After a pause, he asked, “What does your dad say about you being baptized?”

“Her Mom and Dad are out of the country right now,” Gigi told him. They both smiled.

Emma Kate has been going to church since she was little. My sis told me she talks about Jesus all the time and loves to pray. She ends all of her prayers with “I love you, God!” (Isn’t that awesome?!)

We can still teach our kids (and family) about Jesus…no matter how old they are. Go to church and then drop it into conversation. Ask them to go with you sometime if it’s possible. They may be stunned or thrilled! Read your Bible and then tell them something you’ve learned. They may be stunned or thrilled-again! And, seriously, being baptized is a big deal. If you have given your heart to Christ-that’s awesome, and now you need to be baptized. It’s an outward sign of an inward commitment/rebirth.

Take it from Emma Kate who’s THREE…love Jesus with ALL your heart! And end some of your prayers with “I love you, God!”