Mingo Sheriff’s Dept. gets new cruisers

By Kyle Lovern

December 31, 2013

Kyle Lovern


The Mingo County Sheriff’s Department will start out 2014 in style with two new Ford SUV Police Interceptors ready to roll on the highways today.

Mingo County Sheriff James Smith is pleased to have the new cruisers on the road.

“I would like to thank the County Commission for these vehicles,” Smith said. “The department really needed them.”

The Ford SUVs are equipped with front grill guards, which were added from funds out of the sheriff’s budget, according to Smith.

The department also has 22 new hand-held radios that were purchased from the sheriff’s operating budget, Smith said.

He and Chief Field Deputy Sgt. Joe Smith unveiled those communication devices on Monday.

“They have been tested and work very well,” Sheriff Smith said. “They come with both home chargers and car chargers.”

“Our old radios were outdated and are about 10 years old,” Smith said.

Smith wanted to remind residents that his department will have increased patrols tonight for New Year’s Eve.

“I want to encourage everyone, if they are out partying, to use a designated driver,” Smith stressed. “Please don’t drink and drive.”

His officers have been advised to be on the lookout for driving-impaired motorists, especially for the New Year’s Eve holiday.

Smith was recently appointed sheriff to replace Eugene Crum, who was murdered last spring.

Smith is a former chief field deputy under former Sheriff Lonnie Hannah and has several years of experience in law enforcement.