Four drug arrests made in Pike County

Debbie Rolen drolen@civitasmedia.com

December 29, 2013

Debbie Rolen


Pikeville - Four individuals were arrested recently on drug charges in Pike County, Ky. Details of these arrests were taken from Uniform Citations issued by police officers in two undercover operations and one situation the officer happened upon.

  • Justin Spriggs, 27, of Drift, Ky., was arrested after officers conducted an undercover operation during which Spriggs allegedly sold eight white oblong pills, later identified by Kentucky Poison Control to be Hydrocodone, to an undercover police officer. When Spriggs met with the undercover officers, he reportedly appeared to be intoxicated: he was unstable on his feet, his speech was slurred to the point it was difficult to understand and he was unable to speak in complete sentences. The citation says Spriggs admitted he smoked a quantity of marijuana, had taken Suboxone, Hydrocodone and Neurontin. Spriggs was offered and failed all field sobriety tests (walk and turn, finger to nose, D to Q, 62 to 47, one-leg stand). According to the citation, he was unable to follow instructions and could not complete any of the tests correctly. Spriggs also could not produce any documents for the vehicle, the complaint states. Implied consent was read at Pikeville Medical Center, and he consented to having blood drawn, officers said. Spriggs was charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs/etc. third offense, license to be in possession, no seat belt, third degree trafficking in a controlled substance, failure to produce insurance card and no registration receipt.
  • Kimberly Rowe, 47, of McDowell, Ky., Spriggs’ mother, was also arrested for trafficking in a controlled substance.
  • Christopher C. Irick, 44, of Pikeville, Ky., was arrested after officers conducted an undercover operation during which two suboxone strips allegedly were purchased. Fourteen more Suboxone strips and 15 Flonopin were found in his coal pocket. Irick had a prescription for Flonopin, which had been filled that day, which had 15 missing, officers said. His prescription for Suboxone was missing 12 strips, according to the complaint. Irick sold the Suboxone strips while his 5-year-old child was in his custody, officers said. They said Social Services was called and placed the child with a relative. Irick was charged with trafficking in a controlled substance and wanton endangerment.
  • Joseph Adam Mounts, 32, of Varney, was arrested by an officer with the Pike County Sheriff’s Department when he allegedly discovered Mounts passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle with the motor running. The citation says Mounts had pill residue showing on both nostrils. The citation goes on to say the subject admitted to snorting Xanax and that he also had one bag with six white pills, one bag with seven white pills, one bag with seven yellow and white capsules, a cigarette pack containing four large white pills, four blue pills, one yelow pill and seven red-and-blue capsules were lying in the seat beside the subject. Also, there allegedly was no registration receipt or registration plate in the vehicle. Blood was taken at Williamson Appalachian Regional Hospital after the subject was read and agreed to implied consent and was admitted, the deputy said. Mounts was charged with DUI, possession and no registration receipt or registration plate.