Purchase of equipment by MCSD pays off

Rachel Baldwin rbaldwin@civitasmedia.com

November 22, 2013

WILLIAMSON - The recent purchase of 12 grille guards that have been installed on Mingo County Sheriff’s Department (MCSD) cruisers have already proved to be worth their cost, as one of them prevented damage from occurring to a police vehicle that struck and killed a deer Tuesday evening.

According to MCSD Chief Field Deputy Joe Smith, the guards were approximately $550 each and were purchased from the department’s weapon fund. In recent months, three cruisers were involved in accidents and sustained damage in excess of $40,000. The grille protectors will eventually pay for themselves in preventing damage and costly repairs.

“It’s important to Sheriff James Smith and I to not only save the county money they are out to repair damaged cruisers or replace them when they’re totaled, but more importantly, to keep our officers safe. If the grille guard hadn’t been in place last night when the officer struck the deer, I’m sure we would have been getting repair estimates today for damage that would have been done, and he could have also been injured.”

“Thanks to the installed guards, no damage or injury were incurred.”

The MCSD plans to make additional purchases in the near future of other types of equipment that will greatly benefit the officers, allowing them to perform their duties in a more efficient and timely manner.