Coal Slurry “Medical Monitoring Program” kicks off

Rachel Baldwin rbaldwin@civitasmedia.com

October 22, 2013

MATEWAN - A new release was recently released and a conversation was conducted with the Williamson Daily News concerning a service that will be offered to the 722 Mingo County residents who were involved in the class-action settlement regarding the contamination of their drinking water effected by coal slurry ponds.

Ed Gentle, the Administrator of the Mingo County Coal Slurry Litigation Medical Monitoring Program (the “Medical Monitoring Program”), is pleased to announce that the Medical Monitoring Program began providing testing services to program participants last Thursday, October 17th.
The Medical Monitoring Program will provides medical testing and physical evaluations to those involved in the Mingo County Coal Slurry Litigation, which involved allegations of groundwater contamination in the areas of Rawl, Lick Creek, Merrimac and Sprigg. Those participating in the Medical Monitoring Program have the option of receiving their medical testing and physical evaluations at a mobile clinic provided by Apple Occupational Medical Services, LLC, or arranging to receive the services performed by their own physician.
The mobile clinic is located at the former Matewan High School off of Route 49 in Matewan. Testing began on the 17th, with further testing to take place for approximately two weeks. Following that, participants will return for follow-up physical evaluations, where their test results will be reviewed and a physical examination will take place. The mobile clinic will be on site performing testing and evaluations until November 8th.
Additional benefits provided by the Medical Monitoring Program include CT Scans for those that qualify, mammograms for women over the age of 35, and follow-up examinations by medical specialists for those requiring additional services. The mammograms will be provided by Bonnie’s Bus, which is a mobile mammogram unit operated by the West Virginia University (WVU) Hospital, which will be in the area beginning on December 10th of this year.
Town Meetings were held at the Mountaineer Hotel in Williamson on October 5th, in an effort to provide additional information about the Medical Monitoring Program and to allow class members to sign up. Those class action settlement members that have not yet registered but who wish to participate, may do so by calling the Administrator’s office toll-free at (800) 345-0837. The Administrator and his staff would also be happy to answer any questions you may have.