Tug Valley Bass Anglers Paintsville Lake Tournament

By Kyle Lovern

September 29, 2013

PAINTSVILLE, Ky. - On September 22nd the Tug Valley Bass Anglers held its seventh tournament of the 2013 season on Painstville Lake in Johnson County Kentucky. 26 anglers competed in the event. The tourney was sponsored by TMK Security.

Gerry Adkins came away the winner with a total catch of 7.22 pounds, which was five fish.

Paintsville Lake was at normal pool with clear water on most of the lake and stained water in the main upper end and a temperature around 74 degrees.

The weather for the tournament was perfect with partly cloudy skies, moderate winds with an air temperature in the low 70’s.

September fishing is notoriously tough. This time of year the fish are transitioning to their fall locations and they are hard to locate and pattern. The fish were scattered, but most of them seemed to still be on the main lake and were from 5 to 15 feet deep.

The main pattern for this tournament was to fish top water in the morning then when the sun got bright fish crank baits, spinner baits and soft plastics mainly finesse lures tight to cover.

The top finishers are as follows:

1st —Gerry Adkins —- (5 fish) 7.22 lbs.

2nd —Kevin Marcum —- (5 fish) 6.08 lbs.

3rd—MO—- (5 fish) 4.14 lbs.

4th — Chris Taylor —- (5 fish) 3.50 lbs.

5th — Trent Ramey —- (5 fish) 3.46 lbs.

6th—Kevin Runyon —- (5 fish) 3.38 lbs.

7th—Joe Collins —- (5 fish) 3.32 lbs.

8th — Michael Salyer —- (5 fish) 3.19 lbs.

9th —Tommy Hopkins —- (5 fish) 3.06 lbs.

10th —Lacy Edmiston —- (5 fish) 3.01 lbs.

Keith Pacific

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