Abuzz with news

By Kyle Lovern

September 12, 2013

To the editor:

Lately, Mingo County has been abuzz with news and (far more) rumors regarding indictments by the Charleston federal prosecutor’s office of Circuit Judge Michael Thornsbury and County Commissioner David L. Baisden. As a future attorney intending to work in the public sector, these allegations are very fascinating to me. But, as a lifelong Mingo Countian, I am far more concerned with how the reality of one of these gentlemen is being depicted. No matter how he may be portrayed, the facts show us that Dave Baisden is a friend of Mingo County.

Beyond the indictment documents, I know little about what he is accused of, and, frankly, that is little concern of mine in the letter. What I am concerned with is ensuring that all Mingo County residents see and consider the totality of the circumstances when thinking of Dave.

I, like most of this paper’s readers, am a Mingo County voter, and I care about the activity of our public officials. I care about Dave’s long record of service, the selflessness he has shown, his dedication to the county, and his office’s unprecedented accessibility to him as one of our county commissioners. He acts in this part-time job as a full-time public servant, and he does so for Mingo County. As a political science major, studying systems has shown me how much of oneself goes into local governance, with little reward, and Dave is no exception.

An indictment is an accusation. These are facts. I do not want us to be so enamored by WCHS’s TV cameras and a press conference in Charleston that we forgot real history and the works of real people. Dave Baisden is a friend of Mingo County, including citizens like me and you.

Sincerely yours,


B.A., Political Science, 2016; Master of Public Administration, 2017 (accelerated)

Marshall University

Mingo County Board of Education Candidate, 2012

Mingo Central Comprehensive High School, 2012

1850 5th Avenue

Twin Towers West 1110A
Huntington, WV 25703