Lynch Garden Club beautifies city

Nola Sizemore Staff Writer

September 5, 2013

Working to beautify the city, the Lynch Garden Club continues a 30-year tradition with just a few faithful members.

“I’ve been a member for the past 20 years,” said Ilene Woods. “It’s down to just three active members now.”

As you enter or leave the city, you’ll see flower gardens maintained by the club, along with baskets of flowers and shrubbery throughout the city making your visit to the Lynch area a more scenic one.

“The garden club obtained the property where the old Lynch Theatre used to stand beside the post office and we have worked at making it a place where residents can come to socialize or sit and enjoy the benches, scenery and serene atmosphere,” said Woods. “The family of Raymond Kirby in Cumberland owns the property.”

Woods said the Kirby family used to have a car lot on the property and when Raymond passed away, the family donated the use of the property to the Lynch Garden Club.

“They still own it. They told us we could do anything we wanted with the property and we decided to make a park,” said Woods. “We did purchase a plaque in Raymond’s memory, which is now displayed in the park area.”

Since obtaining the property, the garden club has purchased a gazebo with a large sitting area and put a roof on it. They have purchased benches, a picnic table, bird houses and bird feeder, landscaped with flowers and shrubbery creating a nice place for residents to come and enjoy a quiet moment.

“Arch of Kentucky donated the flag pole to us,” said Woods. “Rep. Rick Nelson donated an American flag to us. We’re hoping to add other items to the park as funds become available. We’d like to perhaps have music here in the gazebo at some future time. We try to decorate the area for Christmas each year for residents to also enjoy during the winter months. We need new fencing for the area also, but we’re always looking for suggestions on ways to improve the park.”

Woods said most of their funds come from the Bob Frazier Foundation and this year they received a $2,500 grant. She also said they had received another donation from another group, which wished to stay anonymous.

“We’re going to apply for another grant for mulch, dirt to redo one area of the park, a light post for the area, tools to work with and perhaps a barbecue grill,” said Woods. “In the past, the garden club has sponsored floats in Christmas parades and annual dinners for the club. As time has gone by, we’ve had less and less funds available and less and less members. We’re down to just three active members now, which include me, my husband, Hal, and Barbara Tiabian. We have three other members who are not active at this time. But, we keep pushing forward because we love our beautiful little city and want to keep it as attractive as we can for our visitors and our residents.”

The garden club also owns the life-sized nativity scene, which is displayed across from city hall on the mountainside each year.

“This nativity scene has been set up in Lynch ever since there was a Lynch,” said Hal Woods. “It began with U.S. Steel, who owned it originally. One of the members of the garden club bought the scene and had it redone.”

If you would like to join the club, donate funds, workers or tools, you may call 848-2110 or 848-2215.

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