Wes Wilson designs new Mingo Central football helmet

By Kyle Lovern

August 23, 2013

Kyle Lovern

Sports Editor

Mingo Central will debut its third new helmet in as many years of the school’s existence this season. Designed by local photographer Wes Wilson, a 2013 graduate of Mingo Central.

The black matte helmet is emblazoned with the light blue “M” with a pick-axe atop, and a powder blue stripe that tapers from back to front.

At the base of the helmet in back, a black map of the state of West Virginia rests.

“I thought it was time that we did something that was more of a tribute to what our mascot is, rather than just a logo,” Wilson said. “The pickaxe with the ‘M’ that didn’t come into use until last year, as we’re slowly trying to push away from the Miner logo the school initially had.”

“The miner used in the school’s original logo looked more like the Brawny paper towel guy than any mineworker West Virginians have seen,” said Wilson. Many fans agree with his observation.

“Every detail on the helmet has some sort of symbolization to the mining industry,” Wilson said. “Starting at the front, the nose plate sticker reads ‘Dig In’, not only representing a crucial part of the game but also what the real miners do to mine the rich natural resource found in our area.”

Wilson continued by noting the choice of a matte finish was made in order to represent coal dust.

“It took seven months of designing and planning to create this year’s unique helmet choice for the 2013 Mingo Central football team,” said Wilson.

The young talented photographer and designer said his design was “brought on as a vision in the early part of this year, it was decided that this fall the Miners would come ‘Back in Black’ for this upcoming season.

“Mingo Central, therefore, is changing to make an artistic statement about its community as much as to provide hipper ‘swag’ to prospective players, in the process of making that statement,” Wilson stated.

Wilson has designed what is arguably the most impressive helmet of the 2013 football season.