Belfry Fire department adds new truck to fleet

By Kyle Lovern

August 15, 2013

Rachel Baldwin

Staff Writer

BELFRY, Ky. - A grant from EQT has allowed the Belfry Volunteer Fire Department (BVFD) to purchase a 2013 Ford-F350 truck that will be utilized to haul the ATV Rope Rescue Trailer when the need for it arises.

Charles Maynard, the Vice-President of the BVFD and who is also employed as the Pike County Mapping Director, is the grant writer for several of the county fire departments and did an exceptional job when he wrote the request out to EQT, explaining the need for the trucks purchase.

“We were very impressed with the grant application and were happy to be able to help out the Belfry Volunteer Fire Department with the $50,000 donation that was used for a very worthwhile cause,” stated Maverick Bentley, the Director of Operations for EQT. “A large majority of our field employees have to travel on ATV’s to be able to reach remote terrain that is not accessible by a vehicle and we are all too aware of the importance of safety and rescue measures being in place should we need them.”

“It all goes back to our linkage to safety,” said Bentley. “We hold these volunteers in our highest regards and we respect their continued efforts in planning and acquiring knowledge and equipment necessary to perform these types of rescues.”

BVFD Chief Nee Jackson told the Williamson Daily News that his team of volunteers is not only better prepared to serve the needs of the residents of Pike County, but all of eastern Kentucky as well. The new Ford F-350 will stay stocked with rescue equipment and can pull out of the station in a matter of minutes with the ATV Rope Rescue Trailer and needed supplies attached.

“This truck will also be utilized for structure fires and automobile accidents,” said the chief. “The possibilities and uses are endless.”

Jackson expressed his gratitude to EQT for their generosity and continued support of the Belfry Department and told them of the great benefits this grant means to all who call Pike County home.