Letter to the Editor

By Kyle Lovern

August 13, 2013


God Bless you, Sir. I suspect ‘Vicki’ is a wife or relative of some sort. For the both of you, however, let me say that this is a ‘beautiful’ story. It brought tears to my eyes.

I left Williamson and the Mingo-Pike area in December, 1967; but, as they say, “You can take the boy out of Appalachia, but you can’t take Appalachia out of the boy.” This would adequately describe me.

I should be coming home in September. I will most assuredly come by and look at this bell. I am a fan of all the old ‘grade schools’ which have disappeared around Williamson—East End, Main Building, West End, Nolan, Chattaroy, etc.

A step-sister of mine, Brenda Rife (now Felty) attended Nolan Grade School. I will most assuredly forward this article on to her.

Incidentally, with all the genealogical research I conduct when I am able to come home, I have stopped by Ray Taylor’s (great and hospitable man) house over on Route 292 on the Kentucky side, several times to talk family. We haven’t made a connection between he and I, but our ancestors all came from the same place, Brushy Creek, over in Pike County. I believe he did tell me that he is a direct relative of Mary Taylor, of the ‘Mary Taylor Mountain’ family. My great-grandfather was a logging superintendent on both sides of the river at Nolan. Ray was telling me that his side of the Taylor family owned and logged that region for years. I can’t imagine my great-grandfather superintending for such a company and not being related. Too much of a coincidence, with the Taylor’s migrating down Big Creek towards Martin County in those days. My great-grandfather was killed in a railroad accident in late 1925.

Well, anyway, enough of that, just wanted to tell you guys what a great story this was.

God Bless you guys. Keep articles such as this a’com’in.

Robert Taylor