Funding secured for Laurel Lake revitalization

JACK CONWAY Kentucky Attorney General

September 26, 2012

Special to the Daily news

LENORE — At a monthly meeting of the Laurel Lake Foundation, Delegate Justin Marcum presented $10,000 for the revitalization of Laurel Lake.

Marcum and the Foundation have been working together, along with the Mingo County Commission, in an effort to revitalize the park. Greg “Hootie” Smith was in attendance at the meeting and discussed with members of the Foundation and Park Ranger Kevin Snodgrass the efforts being taken by the Commission.

Smith said that the Commission was working on a floating fishing pier, shooting range, and some other projects.

Marcum secured the funding for Laurel Lake in the amount of $10,000 to help revitalize the park. Consol Energy also pledged $5,000 for playground equipment. Marcum said that he immediately approached House Finance Chairman Harry Keith White and others in the House in order to get the money.

“I worked tirelessly on this and am proud to have secured more money for the 20th District,” said Marcum.

Marcum has met with members of the local community in an effort to revitalize Laurel Lake and Lola Lackey, a member of the Foundation agreed that it helps continue their efforts when members of the Legislature and County Commission work together for a unified goal.

The funding was approved by the House Committee on Finance and Speaker Rick Thompson.

Thompson said in a letter to Marcum that “this expenditure represents a level required for issuance of state funds.” The Speaker added that he relies on Delegate Marcum’s judgement when it comes to issues within the 20th District.

Tomblin approved the funding in mid-August, which will be funneled through the Mingo County Commission. The Commission will then advance the money to Laurel Lake so they can order the requested playground equipment. After the money arrives, it will be used to reimburse the Commission for their expenditure.

When asked about this project, Park Superintendent Kevin Snodgrass spoke about some other efforts being discussed to improve the park area. Lola Lackey went on to say that the Foundation was planning a “Fright Nite” in the park, a gospel sing, and a showing of a scary movie.

Marcum added that he was appreciative of everything the Foundation was doing, saying that he would be there to help whenever possible and that he hoped to continue the progress at Laurel Lake.

“I believe we can revitalize this park through a collective effort of everyone, the County Commission, the Legislature, and the Laurel Lake Foundation.”