Restaurant inspections released by health department


August 16, 2012


Staff Writer

PIKEVILLE, Ky. — The Pike County Health Department released its latest round of restaurant inspections which took place in July, with a number of establishments requiring follow-ups.

Businesses requiring follow-ups are as follows:

Bank 253, Pikeville; Justice Quality Foods, McCarr; Walmart Supercenter, South Williamson; Dairy Queen, Pikeville; Steak n’ Shake, Pikeville; McDonald’s, North Mayo Trail; Food City #458, Cassidy Boulevard; McDonald’s, Cassidy Boulevard; Big Creek Pizza, Sidney; Giovanni’s, Hibbard Street; East Kentucky Expo, Main Street; Big K, North Mayo Trail; and Texas Roadhouse, Pikeville.

The health department normally inspects restaurants and other eateries twice a year, checking food storage, preparations, personnel, restrooms, water and other health conditions.

A perfect inspection score is 100 percent, points are subtracted if violations are found. The score thresholds are:

• 85 to 100 percent indicates compliance with health department guidelines;

• 70 to 84 percent means the establishment must be reinspected within 30 days. If problems have not been corrected, it faces possible closure;

• 60 to 69 percent means the establishment will have five days to request a hearing to show why it should be allowed to continue to operate;

• 59 percent of less means an automatic and immediate closing if conditions pose an immediate health risk to the public.

Certain conditions and practices are considered potentially serious threats to the public’s health and require a correction within 10 days. Asterisks denote such deficiencies before the score:

Justice Quality Foods, McCarr, *86, *89 percent - no sanitizing solution in three-compartment sink, several flies noted during inspection in deli area; Johnson’s Sno Shack, East Shelbiana Road, 100 percent; Thoroughbred Steakhouse, South Williamson, 98 percent; Walmart Supercenter, South Williamson, *87, *91 percent - meat slicer not clean to touch or sight, not sanitized, sizzle and accell green oven cleaner store on shelf with to go boxes, flies and gnats found in produce area tomatoes and around mop sink next to milk cooler;

Long John Silvers, South Williamson, *87 percent, flies and gnats noted in establishment; Peking II, Southside Mall, *86 percent, meat slicer unclean/unsanitized to sight (corrected during inspections), degreaser stored in soy sauce bucket in storage building not labeled, toxic items not stored to prevent children from reach product (corrected during inspection); Sidney Food Mart, Sidney, *84 percent - expired medicines and baby formula and three dented cans on shelf at time of inspection (corrected during inspection);

Captain D’s, South Mayo Trail, 96 percent; Dairy Queen, South Mayo Trail, *89 percent - cutting boards in bad repair, can opener needs to washed, rinsed and sanitized; Three Way Drive In, Regina-Belcher Highway, 98 percent; Family Dollar Store, U.S. Highway 23 South, 96 percent; Dollar General Store, Robinson Creek, 94 percent; Texas Roadhouse, Pikeville, *91 percent; Bank 253, Pikeville, 100 percent; Kentucky Fried Chicken, Weddington Branch Road, *81 percent - establishment and kitchen area has a fly problem;

Pizza Plus, Belcher, 90 percent; Big K, North Mayo Trail, *94 percent - outdated medicines on shelf during inspection; Mouthcard Supermarket, Levisa Road, 87 percent; Dominoes Pizza, Pikeville, 96 percent; Dollar Tree, Pikeville, 97 percent; JR’s Pizza & More, Dorton Jenkins Highway, 97, 94 percent; Angel Stitches/Angel Cakes, Hibbard Street, 97 percent; Sunshine Diner, Virgie, 95 percent; Kid’s World Day Care, Pikeville, 100 percent; Rusty Fork Cafe, Elkhorn City, *85 percent - establishment has a fly problem.