Ex-judge sentenced to resort

By Ron Gregoryronjgregory@gmail.comIt could, after all, have been worse.For example, U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Johnston could have ordered disgraced former Mingo County circuit court Judge Michael Thornsbury to spend the rest of his life in Hamlin.But the judge did not do that. Instead, he sentenced Thornsbury to 50 months in a federal corrections facility. One of the locations the ex-judge apparently wanted considered was a minimum-security ...

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Two senators call for rollback of funding halt

By Mike LuxGuest columnistThe Obama administration took a giant step forward on clean energy last year when it ordered the Export-Import Bank to stop funding coal plants abroad. Unfortunately, the Senate is on the verge of undoing this progress by letting politics drive the Bank’s reauthorization this year.The Senate is debating a provision from Senators Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Mark Kirk, R-Ill., that would allow the Bank to resume supporting the dirty...

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With kids, Jesus’ love is easy

I gush every year about Vacation Bible School. Brace yourself…here it comes.We have just finished our VBS. I’m hyper in my head, but only in my head…the rest of me is pooped. I’ve been sore every day and walk like a really old woman. I am exhausted and I stink…I’ve been on the preschool music team.

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Chafin’s funeral stirs memories of judge’s first trip to Mingo Co.

By Tod J. KaufmanGuest ColumnistIt was one of the hottest days in the summer of 1980; I had just graduated from law school and I was running 10 miles across the mountains of Mingo County to Taylorville after meeting with my clients – 47 men, women, and children in and around Marks Branch – in preparation for litigation.

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All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

“Too often we make the mistake of remembering what we should forget—our hurts, failures and disappointments—and we forget what we should remember—our victories, accomplishments and the times we have made it through.” – Joel OsteenRomans 3:23 states that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.As I read the above quote, I began to think about how hard some of us judge ourselves. I say us for I am human and frequently focus on...

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Sparks’ hearing appeared to feature him reaching for moral high ground

By Ron Gregoryronjgregory@gmail.comThe sentencing of Michael Sparks, the former Mingo County prosecutor, did not draw nearly the crowd that appeared when ex-Judge Michael Thornsbury was sentenced. Sparks, who many argue is a decent man who landed in the wrong spot, was not nearly as apologetic as Thornsbury appeared to be.In fact, Sparks and his attorney appeared to be reaching for the high ground to commend the ex-prosecutor for his role in helping federal of...

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Letter to the editor

To the editor:When I was assigned by the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals to serve as a Senior Status Magistrate in Mingo County last October, I had no idea that I would still be here nine months later.After serving as a Magistrate in Putnam County for 10 years, I have been a Senior Status Magistrate for the last two.I enjoy working the Senior Status circuit, as I have the opportunity to work with many people and see many different Courthouses in the Sta...

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Letter to the editor

To the editor:In view of the current immigration situation, I feel that we should remember something that President Theodore Roosevelt said in 1907.“Let us say to the immigrant not that we hope he will learn English, but that he has got to learn it. Let the immigrant who does not learn it go back.

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Tick, tock, we’re on the clock!

We start counting down the days to summer vacation in January, sometimes before. My husband is the ring-leader. He tantalizes us with the number for months. (Finally, I found a free app for my phone that counts it down for me.)We count down to all kinds of things: Christmas, birthdays, etc. There’s one in particular that has been on my mind: The Feast of Trumpets.

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Opportunist Jenkins raises Mingo GOP chairman’s ire

By Ron Gregoryronjgregory@gmail.comMingo Republican Executive Committee Chairman Russell Deskins finally came out of his cave long enough to make perfect sense at the opening of the Southern West Virginia Republican Headquarters in Logan last week. Deskins appears to hide from the press and public on a routine basis. But when he took the floor in Logan, he was right on.

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Spouses riding in county vehicles is a practice that must be halted

By Ron Gregoryronjgregory@gmail.comFirst of all, let me reiterate something I have said and written before: I think the vast majority of Mingo Countians are among the finest folks on Earth. They are honest, sincere, dedicated and loyal. If you look in a dictionary for the definition of “southern hospitality,” a Mingo County picture has to be with the text.I adore the Mingo Democratic Women (I adore all women, but let’s forget that fo...

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